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What tha' heck is a WATTLE??

We feature BURLAP BIO-WATTLES from www.BioWattles.com

STRAW WATTLES are tubes of rice straw used for erosion control, sediment control and stormwater runoff control. Each Wattle is 8 – 9 inches diameter, 25 feet long, and weighs about 40 pounds. Straw Wattles of different lengths can be special ordered. Straw Wattles can be made with UV degradable plastic netting for longevity, or with 100% bio-degradable burlap for sensitive sites.

Wattles made with the plastic netting will last approximately 3 – 5 years, with the straw bio-degrading and the netting breaking down to small pieces from sunlight. Although rice straw lasts longer than other kinds of straw because of it’s high silicon content, the bio-degradable Wattles will last only a season to a year due to the fairly rapid break-down of the burlap covering.

STRAW WATTLES help to stabilize slopes by shortening the slope length and by slowing, spreading and filtering overland water flow. This helps to prevent sheet erosion as well as rill and gully development, both of which occur when runoff flows uninterrupted down a slope. Storm water runoff carries sediment and seeds off slopes as it gathers velocity, but Straw Wattles capture that sediment and hold it on site enabling seeds to settle and germinate, aiding the revegetation process. In addition, by filtering overland runoff and holding sediment on the slope, Straw Wattles help to protect lakes, ponds, rivers and streams from sediment pollution.

STRAW WATTLES can also be used on flat ground projects such as urban development construction sites. They can be snaked around storm drains to protect them from sediment pollution and installed along sidewalks on the bare lot side to prevent sediment from washing into the gutters. They can also be used to contain spoils piles and as water bars on access roads. With flat-ground usage, if the Wattles do not become too soiled, they can be picked up, stored and re-used. When used on slopes Straw Wattles can be left in place, avoiding the extra labor costs of returning to the site for removal. Wattles will give slope protection for 1 1/2 to 2 years as they slowly decompose into a mulch, and the netting breaks down into little pieces.