2023 Erosion Control Services


2023 Erosion Control Services


Contractor / Consumer rates.

Prices are NOT Prevailing Wage rates.

Prices are NOT jobsite specific and are subject to minimum conditions, square footage, mobilization fee and site location. Variables- site required material/seed mixes, locations, level of difficulty, mandated specifications, bulk water availability. Call with your jobsite information .

  • Hydroseeding / Erosion Control –basic Ca. default seed mix
  • Straw Blowing / Erosion Control – basic straw cover (turret)
  • Straw Blowing / Erosion Control – basic straw cover (hose)
  • Cellulose Hydro Mulch Hold – NO SEED  for stock piles, soil storage and soil stabiliation etc… ( plus /Soil Floc polymer tackifier)
  • Wood Fiber Mulch  – NO SEED for stock piles soil storage, and soil stabilization etc.
  • Straw Tackifier – Tack hold for blown straw
  • Straw Wattle fiber roll – Installed (trenched and staked)
  • Burlap Wattles for sale – 9”x25’ -, OR 10”x25’  ****100% Biodegradable***
  • Wattle Stakes – 1”x18” Wattle pack(50 stakes)
  • Silt Fence – Installed (trenched and staked)
  • Wild Flower – California Native, and Custom Flower Mix *Price subject to seasonal availability –
  • Horse Pasture – Basic horse mix (custom available)
  • Mobilization set up fees – range from $0 to $1695 / depending on location, job size, job access, and bulk water availability.
  • Helicopter application ( fire damage re-vegetation) Call for Price!
  • SWPPPS – Call for price!
  • Weather  Monitoring mobilization (site scope for  repairs and modifications prior to rain events) Actual repairs or modifications priced as listed above.
  • DI wattle wrap-